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First of all, let me start with a little bit of history. The Taipei Securities Dealers Association was established by some domestic securities firms on February 23, 1956.

Forty-two years later, the Legislative Yuan passed the amendment of the Commercial Group Act as the government hoped to establish a national securities association that integrates the resources of all the domestic securities firms in order to join international securities organizations. In January 1998, the Ministry of the Interior approved the establishment of the TSA. All securities firms have been required to register with the TSA before starting their operations.

The TSA became the national securities association since April 4, 1998. The Taipei Securities Dealers Association and the Kaohsiung Securities Dealers Association were later merged into the TSA in 1999.

The TSA is a trade association and our main tasks are to promote the relation among the securities firms, help them to grow, integrate the opinions of the securities industry, and support the development of the securities market. The TSA serves as a bridge between the competent authority and the securities firms, leading the securities industry to strive for the greatest benefits for the securities firms, and assisting the securities firms to comply with the regulations and to improve their competitiveness.

With great honor and pleasure, I was elected as the chairman of the TSA on November 15, 2018, at the by-election for the chairman of the 7th Board of Directors, and then re-elected by a unanimous vote at the 1st General Meeting of the 8th Board of Directors on July 30, 2019. Aiming to expand the development of capital market and elevating the competitivity of the securities industry, together with the directors and supervisors, we will strive for expansion of the 3 major securities businesses, brokerage, proprietary trading, and underwriting (toward investment banking). With our endeavor, we expect to see boosted direct finance, newly invented financial products, import-substitution and employment growth. We hope that the competent authority and the departments concerned can support us, with the risks under control, to extend the range of our securities businesses and further relax regulations, in the hope of that one day Taiwanese will let local people manage their money, and that one day Taiwan will become Asia’s Wealth Management Center.

Thank you for visiting the website of the TSA. We would like to hear your precious opinions and work with you toward a better securities market in Taiwan. Have a wonderful day.



Ted Ming Hong Ho


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